What do we believe in? What do we aim to do?



The Mission of Options Alert Penguin

It is the Mission of Options Alert Penguin to Empower the Community. I seek to do this by providing options alerts that are successful and informed and are able to grow a small retail traders account into something substantial. I also seek to provide resources that are educational and informative to my subscribers. I seek to further encourage my subscribers to understand the difference between trading and investing for the long term. We encourage our subscribers to not trade with the monthly contributions that they should e making to their Roth ira's and 401ks. Separately fund your trading account with about $2000 once, with money that does not affect your lifestyle or livelihood.  Outside of this we seek to raise money through subscriptions and pump that money back into the local economy through donations and investments in infrastructure at local schools, and after school programs with an emphasis on health, exercise, education and vocational training.



What we value

  1. Community- We Value community. We seek to create an environment where our members can come and feel welcome and exchange ideas. We also strongly value our local communities.

  2. Philanthropy- We value giving back to our communities. It is good that we do well and give the best lives we can to our families, but we also place the value in giving back to our local communities to make them stronger. 

  3. Transparency- We value transparency. Being up front and honest. Open communication is what its all about.

  4. Integrity- We value integrity. Doing the right thing when nobody is watching. No reward. We still stick to our values.No surrender.

  5. Inclusion-  We value inclusion. I myself am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I believe that all people are his children and have the right to be apart of his kingdom. White, Black, brown, man, woman, transgender, gay, queer or questioning, persons with disabilities. Everyone.